Keeping sand where it belongs!
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About Us

Sand Gone was started by Tiffany Sandone, a mother of two, whose family is lucky enough to spend a lot of time at the beach and over the years encountered a LOT OF SAND!

After years of cleaning sandy children, Tiffany discovered a little trick to literally make the sand just fall off and perfected an all natural, non talc powder that has a hint of coconut giving you that beachy, refreshed smell leaving your skin feeling silky clean. 

Sand Gone, however, is not just for the beach. Melissa Reed, a native of and residing in the Midwest, discovered Tiffany's product and loved using it at the lake, after taking the kids to the park or just simply to refresh after a day in the sun. 

Tiffany and Melissa have paired up to continue to offer the Sand Gone product, but also additional innovative product lines that will be released soon!

After using Sand Gone, you will quickly find that it becomes one of those must-haves at the beach, sandlot, or park.  You will know to bring you sunblock and shades….but also your SAND GONE.




Tiffany and Melissa